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Mrs. Sulekha Nyati

Mrs. Sulekha Nyati is a Graduate in Commerce with Diploma in Taxation and Law and has worked with State Bank of India for 10 long years. Currently she is a Chair Person with Nyati Group of Companies and a Director of one of the finest hotels in Pune, The Corinthian’s Resort and Club. She is an active member of several prominent clubs and social bodies.

A personality with a noble heart and a charismatic smile. She knows the whole story of the journey of how Nyati Group got here and all the efforts that have been taken to be what they are. She has devoted herself through and through and has been a strapping support to the Group.

An avid traveller, an explorer, she has been many places. From towns, villages, cities in India to lands abroad. Adventurous and risk taker as she is, she fosters her love for adventure sports like rafting and trekking. But when she’s not out there, ruling the world, she gets in touch with her spiritual being. Sulekha practices Yoga and Meditation for her own spirituality and believes in its power of strengthening one’s poise.

An achiever herself, Mrs. Nyati is very proud of her family. Mr. & Mrs. Nyati have built up the Nyati family and the Nyati Empire. They have walked the path together with a strong focus, relentless efforts and great unshakeable faith. Even in the times when they were faced with challenges and tough times, they worked together as an excellen team and always stood up with new vigour.

Mrs. Nyati is a firm believer in the strength of women and their capacity to achieve so much more and she herself practices all things she believes in. She truly is the perfect blend of grace, intelligence and congeniality.

Nirupama Goel

Nirupama Goel or Neeru as she is known to friends was born in Kanpur and spent a major portion of her childhood in the beautiful surroundings of Nainital. After her graduation she got involved with her father’s business. SHE was actively involved in her family business for 20 years where they make Shock absorbers of different types and applications. Kaizen, 5s and Kanban system implication is her core competency. It has shown amazing results in the efficiency and profitability of the company. Implementation of SAP (System applications and products) is the most recent experience at work.

Neeru Goel is a founder member of Patanjali yog and has done her teacher’s training course as taught by Swami Ramdevji in Haridwar. She has taken up Pranayam teaching as a social work. She thinks that our ancient technique of Pranayam has simplified for the benefit of the whole world and is the most effective way towards excellent physical health and positive mind.

She comes from Nainital and maybe the seed of meditation was first planted there. She feels that this path is taking her to more and more blissfulness. She conducted her first session of Pranayam in Kalyani Forge. Then onwards she has conducted sessions at various times and those too, prestigiously

  • Training sessions in schools where the count of children is normally 2000-3000 and their enthusiasm is worth seeing.
  • Cybage the I.T. Company also availed this course.
  • Recently a shibir was arranged for Rotarians and Poona club members.
  • Indian Institute of education and business mgt. and INS Shivaji in Lonawala also called her for teaching this skill to the students and cadets.

The list is long and the results are amazing.

An artist, she has over 50 thought provoking oil paintings to her name. Her other area of interest include Interior Decoration, dress designing, landscaping and event management. Her house, which is a sheer representation of her artistic and interior designing talents, was featured on Zee TV.

A visionary,

She’s invented a truly ingenious product for women and guarantees that it will make their life so much simpler and hassle-free.


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