In CEO'S words

Dear Friends,

"To whom much is given, much is expected." Through the years, we have received the overwhelming support of our physicians and the love of our patrons. And we have always strived to give back to the community. This community is more than a city filled with buildings, streets and cars. For us, "community" is people – people who stand together, side by side, helping one another. It is through the gift of technological advancement that we see this as an apt way to give back.

In the 21st century, the widely held goal of improving health care outcomes while lowering costs is accelerating the shift from a one-to-one to a one-to-many model of care delivery, which telemedicine makes possible. Our newly launched Virtual Clinics do just that. Ruby Hall Clinic's belief that people should be cared for in any way they want, anywhere they want, resonates with this very model.

Life changes for many patients after they receive a cancer diagnosis, and they often find that they have new needs, priorities and considerations they never had before. However, their biggest question remains how effective the treatment will be and what kind of treatment will be offered. Our newest equipment at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre is Varian's TrueBeam system which brings leading edge cancer care to one and all. Known for its advanced speed and accuracy, this linear accelerator (linac) is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radio-surgery keeping us at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology.

The fields of medicine and science never stop moving forward — and neither should doctors and nurses. The Ruby Hall family would like to congratulate Dr. Kapil Zirpe for his formidable presentation at Prague as well as Dr. Prachee Sathe and her team for their accolade at the ORCCC conference. In fact, our institute was also recently awarded with the prestigious IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Merit. Recognising the remarkable difference that nurses make to our healthcare system, the hospital also celebrated Nurses Day to felicitate our silent saviours.

Ruby Hall Clinic is a vital part of the community, a source of jobs, pride and healthcare services. We have made a commitment to exceeding your expectations by providing quality, accessible, personalised healthcare. As healthcare continues to shift, adjustments are made to ensure your healthcare needs are met, today and always.

In Focus

Reforming Healthcare Delivery with Virtual Clinics

Almost every person who has set foot in a hospital, particularly Ruby Hall Clinic in recent years will have definitely noticed changes in everything from ICU equipment to administrative services and even billing practices - all primarily based on the advances of technology. Through the years, Ruby Hall Clinic has always been the frontrunner in adopting cutting-edge technological advancements to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. Now, with telemedicine, technology is actually making care possible outside of traditional hospital settings. And with the recently launched Virtual Clinics at Ruby Hall Clinic's Wanowarie and Hinjawadi branches, the path towards a healthier tomorrow for one and all has been paved.

So what exactly are these Virtual Clinics?

Offering a matchless way of synergising the advances of modern communication technology with medical sciences to deliver healthcare services on an anytime, anywhere basis, Virtual Clinics provide patients and tertiary healthcare providers access to specialist opinion by means of a system comprising of a computer and webcam. Touted to be the next generation of care, they allow patients to be seen quickly without delay, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and clinical outcomes.

Right from providing second opinions to working professionals without them having to take the day off work, enabling consultations at corporate houses during an emergency, to providing life-saving insight and specialist opinions to smaller healthcare set-ups, Ruby Hall Clinic's specialists will now use this medium to step beyond traditional settings. What's more, a private user-id and password ensures confidentiality too.

The benefits of course are many. From sheer convenience to lower costs, the Virtual Clinics offer a medium for doctors and patients alike to share medical records, re-visit patient history, and offer support along the care continuum. And this is only set to grow. With an estimated growth of over thirty percent each year, telemedicine is truly the next big revolution in healthcare.

A first-of-its-kind initiative in the city, Ruby Hall Clinic's partnership with Tata Telecommunications' Gloheal is all set to connect providers and patients in novel ways on the path of fulfilling its mission of providing innovative, state-of-the-art, cost-effective care. With an aspiration of a hundred Virtual Clinics in the corporate set-up, across peripheral healthcare centres and even across borders, the time is ripe to step beyond the conventional brick-and-mortar hospitals.

In Focus

Empowering our Women, Enhancing your Health

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is the only Multispeciality tertiary care hospital in India to be entirely managed by women

If you've received a blood transfusion, had lifesaving radiation therapy, experienced a natural birth or even lost weight by counting calories, you have used one of the many health innovations given to us by women in medicine. In so many ways, we see women occupying the front line in healthcare. In fact, they are the Chief Medical Officers of a family. Hospitality as a concept is innate in a woman's nature, thus making her the perfect choice to lead from the front. At Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, one inspirational woman demonstrated just how powerful it can be when women join forces, making it India's only all-women managed hospital.

It's hard not to be inspired by Dr. Manisha Karmarkar, COO, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie. She is the woman with a vision who empowers an empire of women to do more, see more and be more. When she took charge of the hospital a little over a year ago, she believed in the mantra "Together Women Can." She says, "I strongly believe women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. I had the opportunity and privilege to set a culture that fosters women to learn, grow and be empowered. We have the most unique way of managing, leading and administrating, which I used to our advantage."

Armed with sheer willpower and determination, her instincts, creativity and confidence were bound to take the hospital to new pinnacles of success. It was under her strong leadership that Dr. Amrita Vaidya, Assistant Medical Director-Medical Services and Dr. Farah Rais, Senior Medical Superintendent-Medical Services became powerful agents of change at the medical institute. Dr. Karmarkar leads by example, setting the best path to empower so many others - a role she doesn't take lightly.

At India's all-women managed hospital, she's not the only ones who is achieving greatness daily. Backed by a formidable team of women managers in various departments, each one of them leave no stone unturned in providing exceptional care with compassion. Having transformed the financial prowess of the institute, Dr. Karmarkar and her team was instrumental in ensuring higher patient satisfaction levels. Through a combination of hospital affiliations, outpatient specialty care centres, health care accreditations and corporate partnerships, they have redefined 'swanky healthcare' while taking it to the next level.

Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic is the stalwart who trusted Dr. Karmarkar while showing complete faith in her abilities. He says, "We have so many wonderful women working at our institute. Their difference, unique skills, talents and behaviours are what make them the kind of people we rightly treasure. It is up to us, all of us, to make sure we recognise, value, reward and promote what makes them different if we want to see the change we all need."

In Focus

Newest weapon in the fight against cancer

Delivering the highest level of care requires investments in the latest technology. Grant Medical Foundation's Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre is all set to invest in a new cancer-fighting machine that promises better outcome over fewer treatment sessions in the form of a linear accelerator, known as a linac, for improved cancer care as part of its upcoming modernisation and renovation programme.

Designed to treat a moving tumour with speed and accuracy, Varian's TrueBeamTM system incorporates numerous technical innovations that dynamically synchronise advanced imaging, patient positioning, motion management and treatment delivery during a radiotherapy or radio-surgery procedure. This machine has been designed to advance the treatment of lung, breast, intracranial, prostate, head and neck, and other types of cancer.

The new system continuously monitors tumour movement and helps clinicians deliver radiation only when the tumour is in the right place, while the patient continues natural breathing.

A number of treatment techniques, all of which can be delivered under respiratory gated conditions, include:

  • 3D-CRT
  • IMRT
  • RapidArc radiotherapy technology
  • Dynamic conformal arc

This is a major investment program by Grant Medical Foundation to remain ahead of the curve in adopting latest technologies in line with the best global practises not just in Pune, but across India.

Dr. Ashok Bhanage, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Chairman, Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre, Ruby Hall Clinic comments, "This equipment opens the door to new treatment possibilities for cancer and has a strong potential for future-innovation while being user-friendly. The adoption of this technology not only represents a significant milestone in our journey but reaffirms Ruby Hall Clinic's endeavour to make international innovations available and accessible to all Indians."

With more people seeking a high level of cancer care close to home, Ruby Hall Clinic is set to embark on a significant expansion of its primary location for cancer services at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre. Offering services ranging from IMRT, PET CT, SRS, SRT to even a relationship manager, stoma clinic, tumour board and support groups, the hospital will soon make space for two new high-end linear accelerators, setting it at the forefront of cancer care in India. The renovations will provide an updated, welcoming and functional environment for patients and their families.

Highlights of the Month

Internal Events

Saluting our Superheroes - Nurses!

Nurses change the world every day, yet seldom do they come into the spotlight for their actions. In its bid to praise those who deliver the dose of care, Ruby Hall Clinic celebrated International Nurses Day on 12 May 2017 to honour the passionate and dedicated service of its nursing staff. The programme was in alignment with the Indian theme of "Striking a Balance: Body, Mind and Soul."

The key contributors in meeting the challenges of cardiovascular diseases - nursing care specialists - came together on the 20th and 21st of April 2017 for a Continued Nursing Education Conference. In association with the Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing Education, the spotlight remained on 'Promoting Excellence in Cardio Vascular Care.' The event saw the presence of medical stalwarts and senior nursing practitioners from the city of Pune sharing invaluable knowledge with the participants.

Prof. Shubhangi Dumbray, Principal, TGINE said, "We feel that it was long overdue that we establish professional and educational programs not just for our current students but for our former graduates, community nurses, and health care professionals. And to ensure facilitation of industry, academic practices, research methods and exchange topics on vital changes within the field, TGINE and Ruby Hall Clinic put together this cutting edge conference."

Tackling Thalassaemia

Imagine having to go to hospital for a blood transfusion every month of your life. That's the case for a person suffering from thalassaemia. It takes a lot of courage for young children to bear the prick of needles whilst trying to keep up with the pace of a regular life. It causes a lot of anguish for their parents to know that a single slip-up can cause a series of complications in their child's life. Transmitted by parents to their offspring, one in twenty people in the country are carriers of the disease.

On the occasion of World Thalassaemia Day on 8 May 2017, Ruby Hall Clinic organised a series of events - one to celebrate and felicitate the strength of thalassaemic children and their parents, and the other to discuss the latest treatment and prevention possibilities in the form of a CME for healthcare practitioners. Organised to spread awareness in order to curb this disease, the CME also laid special emphasis on bone marrow transplant as a successful mode of treatment.

Dr Nita Munshi , Director Laboratory and President of Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter organised the CME

Celebrations Galore

Awards and Accolades

Our Voice at ESOC 2017

At Ruby Hall Clinic, research plays an integral part not just in advancing knowledge about disease or the practice of medicine, but in the relationships between clinicians and patients formed either in trauma or primary care settings. At the 3rd European Stroke Organisation Conference at Prague, Czech Republic, the hospital's very own Dr. Kapil Zirpe engaged the audience with a presentation on "The Impact of Stroke Code in the Management of Stroke Patients."

Organised between the 16th to 18th of May 2017, the ESOC is Europe's foremost forum discussing and disseminating the latest standards and news on stroke management and care with over 3700 healthcare practitioners from 97 countries. Dr. Zirpe has once again done the hospital proud!

A Moment of Pride for the ICU Team

The ICU team recently received the "Best Paper Award for Original Research in Critical Medicine" by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine at the ORCCC Conference 2017. The ISCCM is committed towards the promotion and advancement of intensive care as a specialty in India by facilitating the education and training of physicians and nurses while setting best practice standards for the care of critically ill patients.

The team included the able medical practitioners of Ruby Hall Clinic -
Dr. Durgesh Makwane, Dr. Prashant Sakhawalkar, Dr. Tanima Baronia,
Dr. Sanmay Choudhari and Dr. Sagar Maddani under the leadership of
Dr. Prachee Sathe.

Winning top honours

All activities at Ruby Hall Clinic support its core mission of putting patients first along with the safest and highest quality care. It constantly assesses and adapts processes to make a better customer experience. In turn, this pursuit of performance excellence serves as a model to other healthcare institutes about the practices of a best-in-class hospital. In line with this vision, Ruby Hall Clinic was conferred with the prestigious IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Merit under the healthcare category.


Only Hospital to have 6 accreditations from Quality Council of India | Ranked Amongst Top Super Speciality Hospitals in India (Times of India Survey 2016) | Awarded Best Organ Transplant performing Hospital by NOTTO (Govt. of India) | Recognised as Best Healthcare Brand – 2016, by The Economic Times