In CEO’S words

Dear Friends,

A doctor shouldn’t be hard to find, especially here at Ruby Hall Clinic. In celebration of Doctor’s Day, we salute those very special men and women who face stressful situations day in and day out. Focusing on new ways to deliver the highest quality of care, sharing new ways to produce better results, discovering new ways to save a life - this is where we have been, this is our history. Without you doctors, we couldn’t have built our reputation of national excellence.

For over twenty- five years, our Intensive Care Unit has performed countless miracles with passion, dedication and an undying spirit of hope. The past month saw us celebrate these twenty-five years. And we did so with a bang! Dr. Prachee Sathe and her able team put together a commemorative book and film taking people through the journey our founder had envisioned. While we started from ground zero, we’re proud of where we’ve reached - be it achieving clinical milestones and valuable contributions to education and research. Together, we’ve made a significant difference in the community’s care of the critically ill patient, and this is just the start of many more successful years.

A visit to a hospital for any organ transplant is always fraught with anxiety. As CEO, I do my best each day to make our hospital a place each and every one of you can confidently choose for ‘better healthcare’. Each and every member of the Ruby Hall Family too, works tirelessly to achieve this vision set forth by our founder.

Giving countless individuals the gift of life each day, our Multi-Organ Transplant Centre is testimony to our untiring effort. Scaling new heights in organ transplantation, we were awarded the ‘Best Organ Transplant Centre’ in Maharashtra at the Healthcare Summit and Awards 2017 by the hands of the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

With the ongoing dispute of public sector health insurance companies, patients have never had a greater need for help in paying for large, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. In times such as these, our hospital stands ready — a safety net — no matter the situation. It is this that prompted us to help more patients afford the treatments they need by offering an alternative to stagnated cashless facilities by means of zero interest health financing, and while this is just the beginning, we believe the healthcare industry is at the cusp of change and healthcare finance is going to be the game changer in this very market.

June has been full of activity with a number of healthcare drives, events and awareness programmes. Take for instance our month-long blood donation drive at all three hospitals, the oral cancer screening camp to mark World No Tobacco Day as well as an IV drive to train our nurses. On behalf of the entire team at Ruby Hall Clinic, we consider it an honour to care for you, and will always be here when you need us the most.


Our ICU completes the twenty-five year milestone

Patients that are admitted to an intensive care unit of a hospital need constant monitoring, breathing support, full-time treatment or sometime even palliative care. Prolonged stays tend to be all the more difficult for patients and families, emotionally, physically and financially. Through the years, Ruby Hall Clinic's ICU has helped save the lives of so many. Though much has changed since those early days when the first patients were welcomed through the doors, the physicians, staff and volunteers would tell you what continues to matter the most after all these years is providing exceptional care.

In the beginning of June, there was plenty of nostalgia in the air as Pune's pioneering ICU celebrated it's silver jubilee. Reminiscing bygone days and countless achievements, whilst eagerly anticipating the coming years, there indeed was much reason to celebrate! Memorialising the occasion, the hospital also launched a commemorative book and film based on the events during this journey. Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Farokh.E.Udwadia, the Father of Intensive Care in India and Guest of Honour Shri Rahul Bajaj, Chairman - Bajaj Auto Ltd unveiled the book amidst much fanfare.

Aptly titled 'A New Lease of Life', the book is filled with a rich tapestry of pictures, photographs, short stories of healthcare workers and patients, interesting facts and figures and collectibles. Although it's extremely difficult to condense the ICU's history into just a few minutes of a film and a commemorative book, the hospital has tried its best to reflect the unwavering support of the community and the dedication of nurses, physicians, staff, and the Board of Trustees to pay homage to its humble beginnings and celebrate its commitment to excellence. While the book was distributed to everyone present at the gala event, those who are looking to view it online or keep their very own copy can click here.

What started as a four-bedded critical care unit in the hospital has now grown into a 162 bedded critical care multi-speciality unit with state-of-the-art technology and a formidable team of doctors, nurses and intensivists. With the onus of treating over twelve hundred patients a year, Ruby Hall Clinic's ICU is indeed one of the most sought after in the city. Dr. Prachee Sathe, Director - ICU, Ruby Hall Clinic says, "Through the years, a myriad of patients and their families have placed their trust in us. We truly cherish the 'silver bond' between doctors and patients that has only grown over the past 25 years."

Health Financing - the medical industry’s next game changer

The ongoing dispute between health care providers and public sector health insurers over the pricing of medical procedures has robbed many patients of the cashless facility that is often the difference between treatment and no treatment. Owing to this, the past few months have seen countless patients running from pillar-to-post in light of the non-issuance of cashless facility at multiple hospitals. This prompted Ruby Hall Clinic to tie up with Healthfin, a start-up which helps people afford medical treatment through an easy EMI option.

Simply put, the healthcare loan is a simple ten minute hassle-free process which provides a world of relief to patients. In partnership with various banks and financial institutions, interest-free schemes are offered to patients for their medical expenses which they can repay over a six-month time frame. The schemes are interest-free because the hospital shoulders the responsibility of paying the interest.

Of course, this thought led to the possibility of health financing in general. After all, if people have the option of easy EMI loans for cars and gadgets, why not healthcare? It’s a well-known fact that health insurance penetration in India is abysmally low. And because of that, millions are unable to access health care. In fact, only about ten percent of Indians have some form of health insurance, that too mostly the formal sector and government employees. This leads a number of patients foregoing medical treatment.

Ruby Hall Clinic believes that money or the lack of it should never obstruct a patient’s treatment. After all, good health is essential to sustained economic and social development as well as poverty reduction. The underlying motivation for such an idea is that all people should have access to needed promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services, of sufficient quality to be effective. At the same time it should also ensure that people do not suffer financial hardships when paying for these services.

Countless voices today shout out for the ease of access of healthcare services, and health financing is one of the most effective ways to make this possible. Today, we sit at the intersection of the healthcare, technology, and financial services markets can use technology to bring innovative financial services solutions to a massive healthcare problem. This is exactly why financing healthcare is all set to become the medical industry's next game-changer.

Another Laurel for our Multi-organ Transplant Centre

If you are going to go through an organ transplant, you deserve the best team in your region. The team that not only makes you survive, but also makes you thrive. At the recently organised Healthcare Summit and Awards 2017, Ruby Hall Clinic’s Multi Organ Transplant Centre was awarded the ‘Best Organ Transplant Centre’ in the state of Maharashtra at the hands of Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. The results were as per a qualitative and quantitative survey conducted by the CARE research group.

Ruby Hall Clinic is home to a one of the busiest transplant programmes in the country offering all forms of organ transplantation under one roof - including cornea, kidney, bone marrow, liver and heart. Founded more than two decades ago, and having performed close to four thousand transplants, we are ranked amongst the very best in the country, with outcomes that consistently meet or exceed national averages. With numbers reaching new heights everyday, here are some of the milestones in our journey:

  • 350 Bone Marrow Transplants
  • 1250 Kidney Transplants
  • 1950 Corneal Transplants
  • 51 Liver Transplants

In recent years, we have strengthened our position as an international leader by achieving the highest national benchmarks for quality.Our patients come from all over the world seeking an unparalleled level of expertise and a full-service organ transplantation program that only an ultra-modern, technologically advanced centre like ours can provide. In fact, less than five percent of India's hospitals perform organ transplants, considered one of the most complex and challenging areas of modern medicine.

Combining quality, excellence and multidisciplinary specialists, our experts have drawn upon their breadth of experience to develop advancements that have resulted in new and improved treatment modalities for our patients. Certainly experience and top outcomes make a difference when saving the life of countless patients and helping them lead longer lives. But none of this can happen without a gift, often called the gift of life.

Outstanding contribution IN THE FIELD OF Cardiology

If you're going to put your heart in someone's hands, that someone should be a leader in innovative cardiac treatments, heart disease prevention and education. It's those successes in managing heart care that make Dr. Purvez Grant what he is today. At the recently organised Healthcare Summit and Awards 2017, Dr. Grant was conferred with an award for 'Outstanding Contribution in the field of Cardiology.'

The son of one of the country's most renowned cardiologists, Padma Bhushan Late Dr. K.B Grant, it was only natural that Dr. P K Grant followed his father into medicine. A compassionate caregiver who understands his patients' needs, Dr. Grant works relentlessly for each and every one who knocks on his door.

Congratulations for this well-deserved honour!


Internal Events

Stubbing out the smoking habit

It is estimated that 1 million people die every year in India from smoking-related illnesses. This is quite a sobering thought and while seven out of 10 smokers want to cut their smoking habit, some find the mere thought of quitting just too difficult to comprehend. In a unique awareness drive on World No Tobacco Day, Grant Medical Foundation’s Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre conducted an oral screening drive at the Central Railway - Construction Division office in Pune as well as internally for its employees.

Statistics show that annually 1,30,000 people succumb to oral cancer, which translates into approximately 14 deaths per hour. This is why early diagnosis is significant to the successful treatment of this cancer. By working together, the medical fraternity can improve patients’ lives through early detection and a commitment to engage in conversations about risk factors - a facet Ruby Hall Clinic has actively rooted for through the years.

Infection Control Team leads from the front

Intravenous (IV) fluid therapy is one of the most common treatments provided in acute care each year, thousands of patients receive it. Although IV fluid therapy is often thought of as routine with few consequences, it may carry a number of risks. In what was a three-pronged approach, Ruby Hall Clinic’s Infection Control Team led by Dr. Nita Munshi and Col. Cissy Cruze conducted “Insert IV with Confidence” campaign for over 220 health workers.

Says Dr. Nita Munshi, Director - Laboratory Services, “This unique drive demonstrates our commitment to education and knowledge-sharing to promote excellence in training needs. With an assessment phase, corrective action and implementation phase as well as a re-assessment phase, our medical staff learnt about the depths of care planning procedures ensuring patient safety and comfort.”

Blood connects us all

Did you know there is no substitute for the human blood? Every 2 seconds, someone in India needs blood, yet only 3 in 100 Indians donate. One of the most pressing concerns today is the alarmingly high number of deaths due to the sheer lack of donated blood. What may be surprising however, is the fact that if one began donating blood at age 18 and donated every 90 days until he reached age 60, he would have donated 30 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 500 lives.

Encouraging individuals both within and outside the medical facility’s premises, all three branches of the hospital including the nursing college conducted a month-long blood donation drive along with internal poster and slogan competitions on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day. A grand felicitation ceremony was also organised at the hospital in honour of the unwavering support of it’s regular donors.