In CEO’S words

Dear Friends,

What better way to commence the month than to announce the arrival of Pune's only da Vinci Si® Surgical System? The addition of this device is among the important investments Ruby Hall Clinic is making to ensure that we are offering our community the very best in safe, quality care. Thanks to investments in the latest robotics technology and advanced expertise, we're able to offer a level of surgical precision that was previously unattainable. We now use once-unimaginable technology every day.

The healthcare community has always been good at reacting to changing conditions and finding solutions to the problems of the day. So it is not at all surprising that a technology that's been around for quite a while, telemedicine, is being used in new ways to meet the healthcare complexities that we face today. At Ruby Hall Clinic, we are active on the telemedicine front.  Along with our partners Tata Communications, we organised a seminar 'Hello Healthcare' for top management and HR representatives from a number of multi-national companies introducing them to the very concept of Virtual Clinics.

The diabetes epidemic is happening right now, but few seem to acknowledge it, much less have the resolve to address it. But if left unchecked, the human and financial costs of this crisis will continue to skyrocket. Offering an integrated pathway with a focus on early diagnosis and state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment according to the specific needs of each patient, our comprehensive diabetes unit, Dr. K.B Grant Institute of Diabetes will soon begin operations.

The surgical prowess at our Wanowarie counterpart has slowly but steadily been gaining it's due recognition. With three rare and challenging procedures just this month, we're surely climbing the ladder to become the country's leading surgical speciality hospital. Additionally, right from thalassaemia camps for corporates and patient families to fitness activities to even education seminars for both doctors and nurses alike, we've made our presence felt in every nook and corner of Pune.

We've always been leaders of change and will continue to do so - for our patients, doctors and the medical fraternity at large.

The Robot is finally here!

For over five decades, surgeons at Ruby Hall Clinic have been at the forefront of surgical care while refining its techniques. We're now changing the experience of surgery for the surgeon, the hospital and most importantly for the patient. Robotic technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand, introducing precise, versatile instrument movement.

Revolutionary surgical technology has arrived at our hospital - and it is in the form of a robot named the da Vinci Si® Surgical System. The robotic system is named after Leonardo da Vinci, inventor of the first robot who was known for his unparalleled anatomical accuracy and 3-D details that brought his masterpieces to life.

With the addition of the da Vinci, our surgeons now have helping hands in the operating room, providing enhanced dexterity, fine motor skills, precision and control during minimally invasive procedures and even multi-quadrant surgeries doing wonders to our surgical prowess.

Our multi-disciplinary team now uses the robot in the a number of specialist fields:


Utilising robotic technology, surgeons are able to treat many women who have complex gynaecological problems, that traditionally would require large abdominal incisions resulting in significant postoperative pain, blood loss and scarring.


Our robotic surgical system can be used to treat all urological procedures ranging from prostatectomy, cystectomy, partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, uteric re-implantation and bladder augmentation. Doctors now have the opportunity to perform more intricate procedures for the prostate, kidneys and bladder with minimally invasive incisions.


Our experienced surgeons are leaders in performing minimally-invasive procedures for prostate, kidney, breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastrointestinal, pancreas and thyroid cancers, amongst others.

Head and Neck ENT

Tumours in the throat, base of the tongue, and tonsils can be a technical challenge to reach and have traditionally been removed through surgeries requiring a large neck incision and cutting of the bottom jaw. Advances in surgical equipment have made it possible to reach these tumours through the mouth by using robotic technology.


Our surgeons are national leaders in using conducting weight-loss surgery, including gastric bypass, adjustable band and revisional bariatric procedures. Using the robot's micro-instruments, our surgeons can meticulously navigate inside the abdomen, while protecting the surrounding tissues and intestines.

Hello Healthcare

Hello Healthcare - The game changer for Corporate Health

Technological advances are present in nearly every aspect of medicine – from advanced equipment to even monitoring and connectivity. Telehealth too, has made huge strides and has taken the global healthcare industry by storm. Going ahead with this thread, Ruby Hall Clinic along with Tata Communications organised a seminar 'Hello Healthcare' on 13th of July focusing on corporate health.

Apart from 150 top management and Human Resource representatives from many national and multi-national companies, the event had noted author, Mr. Shiv Khera, present as speaker. Healthcare economist Dr. Adam Powell also connected via webinar to share his experience with the audience. There was also a stimulating and insightful panel discussion with Mr. Rajneesh Malviya, VP and Centre Head, Infosys, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman, GTT and Nasscom, Mr. Subodh Bhave, Head, Safety and Health, TCS, Mr. Vishal Agarwal, MD, Avaya India, Dr. B.S. Ratta, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Urologist, Ruby Hall Clinic and Dr. Purvez Grant, Chief Cardiologist and Managing Trustee, Ruby Hall Clinic.

In a country where the doctor patient ratio is almost 1:1700, ease of access to quality healthcare in a cost-effective manner is the need of the hour. Ruby Hall Clinic's Virtual Clinic provides patients and primary healthcare providers access to specialist opinion by means of a system that connects a patient face to face for examination with telemetry devices and sharing of medical records. Right from providing second opinions to working professionals without them having to take the day off work to providing life-saving insight and specialist opinions to smaller healthcare set-ups, Ruby Hall Clinic's specialists will now use this medium to step beyond traditional brick and mortar settings.

Poised to cross the two hundred crore mark by 2020, the Indian telemedicine market is one of the fastest growing in the world. We are surrounded by products and services that help us get the things we need and want - faster, easier, and, in some cases, cheaper than just a few years ago. With telemedicine, we should expect no less. Set to be the solution to better health, truly, virtual care is a game changer.

In Focus

Ruby Hall Clinic - Sassoon Road

For the first time in Pune : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Gone are the days where men had to undergo open surgery for the removal of the prostate gland. Today, robotic radical prostatectomy has transformed the options for men diagnosed with or with high risk of localised prostate cancer. Last month, at our very own Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. Himesh Gandhi, Robotic Uro-oncosurgeon, Consultant Urologist, performed this procedure robotically for the first time in the city. The patient was a 67-year-old man diagnosed with high risk prostrate cancer. The complex surgery, which lasted for about four hours consisted of a robotic radical prostatectomy as well as a bilateral lymph node dissection.

"Over the last two decades there has been revolutionary improvement in medical surgical technology. Robotic surgery has resulted in a positive impact on prostate cancer treatment and prostatectomy. I was very happy to note that the patient began walking just eighteen hours post surgery. Moreover, he had minimal pain and was even discharged on the fourth post-operative day. His biopsy showed that the entire tumour was excised and the lymph nodes and margins were also cleared thereby negating his risk of cancer."

- Dr. Himesh Gandhi
Consultant Urologist,
Ruby Hall Clinic.

Keeping Thalassaemia in Check!

Said to be the common disorder affecting people around the world, it's amazing how most people haven't even heard about thalassaemia. Widely seen among Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Asian or African communities, this disorder is an epidemic waiting to break. Those who have thalassaemia major are no strangers to blood transfusions. At least every three weeks, it takes a sufferer around six hours to complete a lifesaving blood transfusion. And the story doesn't end there. India alone has an estimated number of over a lakh patients suffering from thalassaemia, an inherited autosomal disorder where abnormal haemoglobin is formed in the body.

Keeping this in mind, the hospital organised a thalassaemia screening drive for over 300 employees of FIAT. Additionally, in association with the Thalassaemia Society, Pune Chapter, we also organised a seminar this month which was attended by over 200 patients and their families coming from various parts of Maharashtra. Keynote speaker, Dr. M.B.Agarwal, Professor, Head, Department of Haematology, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai addressed the gathering answering all queries related to this disease.

Bridging boundaries with Telemedicine

In medicine, technology always outpaces tradition. In the recent past, telemedicine made a splash in the consumer space via services that let people consult with doctors other than their own from their smartphones. Now it is poised to sweep through major healthcare systems. In association with Tata Communication's Gloheal, Ruby Hall Clinic too, is set to step into a new era of digital care with its Virtual Clinics. Shedding light on the benefits of telemedicine, the hospital organised the 'Ruby Mahatelemedicon 2017' in association with the Telemedicine Society of India, Maharashtra Chapter.

Organised on the 29th of July, the CME witnessed an array of speakers from across the country discussing topics ranging from consumer appeal, physician appeal and even success stories. Moreover, the highlight was that telehealth encompasses a broad variety of technologies to deliver visits, education and services which will without a doubt benefit the country on a large scale. Truly, the country is in the midst of a medical revolution and Ruby Hall Clinic is at the helm of change!

It's all about continuing education

Giving intravenous (IV) therapy its due importance in medical care, Ruby Hall Clinic's Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing Education (TGINE) organised a CNE on 'Safe Infusion for Safe Healthcare Practices' earlier this month. This was initiated at the first meet of the Infusion Nurses Society of Pune, which saw the presence of over 250 nurses from various hospitals across the city.

Dr. Sujata Malik, Director, Medical Strategy and Development, Jehangir Hospital was present as Guest of Honour. Along with her, nursing superintendents from Ruby Hall Clinic, Sahyadri Hospital, Jupiter Hospital, Noble Hospital and Poona Hospital amongst others were also present at the day-long event.

In Focus

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie

Introducing the Dr. K.B Grant Institute of Diabetes

If there's any disease every single Indian needs to guard against, it's diabetes. Characterised by an escalated blood sugar level, this non-communicable disease (NCD) impacts the young, middle-aged and elderly with a vengeance, reducing their productivity and life-span. The vision of our beloved founder Late Padma Bhushan Dr. K.B Grant is finally coming to reality. Under the guidance of Dr. Abhay Mutha, we will soon start the Dr. K.B Grant Institute of Diabetes at our Wanowarie set-up.

The Dr. K.B. Grant Institute of Diabetes is the only place for head-to-toe diabetes care. Under one roof, we have not just world class facilities, but a single team that brings together cutting edge expertise in every aspect of diabetes providing you with comprehensive care in just under four hours. Our services here will range from patient education to nutrition counselling, foot care, eye care, gestational diabetes as well diabetes amongst children.

The only comprehensive centre for diabetes management in Pune, our programmes are targeted towards anyone with diabetes who is motivated, or can be motivated, to develop self-care skills, and to those who support the person with diabetes. Our continued commitment to our patients and our community continues to grow with this speciality centre.

Our doctors showcase surgical prowess that's second to none

One-third Liver of 8-year-old Child Removed After Freak Accident

Picture this - a perfectly happy 8-year-old child playing outside her house. Her toy rolls over onto the main road and the innocent girl happily runs on to bring it back. While picking the toy up, she's mown down by a speeding motorcyclist. She was immediately rushed to the nearest local hospital. A day later, when she shows no signs of improvement, further investigations reveal severe injury to the liver and she is moved to Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

"The patient was brought to us in a state of 'hypovolemic shock', an emergency condition in which severe blood and fluid loss make the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body which can cause multiple organs to stop working. We had to operate on her almost immediately. The entire left side of her liver was shattered causing severe internal bleeding, which led us to removing almost one-third of it. She had already lost 2 litres o blood. The whole surgery was completed in a span of 90 minutes"

- Dr. Pradeep Sharma
Consultant Laparoscopic and Gastrointestinal Surgeon,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

Not only did the patient go off the ventilator the very next day, but she is also on the path to speedy recovery.

The Mysterious Case of Black Bones

54-year-old Rajesh Katariya had limited mobility for over a decade. With no significant medical history, his only complaint was unbearable joint pain that restricted his movement. Hailing from Bhilai, Chhatisgarh, he visited a number of doctors looking for a solution. He was subsequently recommended to Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie, for a knee replacement surgery. Three weeks later, the man walked pain-free for the first time in ten years. However, what entailed during the surgery was nothing short of extraordinary.

Dr. Harish Keswani, Consultant - Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie, "Intra-operatively, the joint surfaces, neighbouring ligaments, and tendons were black with pieces of black cartilage tissue. Histological sections of bone and soft tissue demonstrated classic findings of ochronosis, including multiple pigmented areas, reactive giant cells, and a thickened, inflamed synovium. This was a classic case of ochronotic arthritis. We were completely taken aback considering the rarity of this disorder, something we normally read about only in textbooks."

- Dr. Harish Keswani
Consultant - Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

In City's first, 94-year-old patient undergoes PAMI

Earlier this month, a 94-year-old lady suddenly collapsed at home. A quick thinking relative began CPR and she was immediately taken to Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie where her family learnt that she had suffered a massive heart attack. She was resuscitated and an emergency primary angioplasty was immediately performed on the nonagenarian. Not only was her surgery successful, but she is well on her way to recovery. This also makes her one of the oldest patients in the city to successfully undergo this procedure.

"While patients above the age of eighty have undergone primary angioplasties in the city, they have usually been planned in advance. What makes this case complex was the fact that we had to perform an unplanned emergency angioplasty on the patient. Weighing only forty kgs, she was extremely frail and also had a history of stroke. Her old age as well as the fact that she came into the hospital gasping for breath made this surgery very high-risk."

- Dr. Abhay Somani
Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

In Focus

Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi

Putting the Fun back into Fitness

Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside with your friends climbing trees, jumping in puddles, playing catch, and just plain having fun? Bringing the fun back to our stressed lives, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi co-sponsored the third edition of the Mirchi Ruggedian on the 2nd of July.

With about 1600 people gathered at Life Republic in Hinjawadi including army personnel, the atmosphere was certainly one of fun and frolic. Present with a team of doctors, nurses, twelve physiotherapists and even an emergency ambulance, Ruby Hall Clinic certainly took to caring for everyone's health at the event.

Numerous, well-constructed obstacles and varied terrain across eight kilometres contributed to the overall quality of the Mirchi Ruggedian, a race that manages to gracefully tread the balance beam between one's competitive and fun spirited side. While music and entertainment dominated the day's spirit, only the fittest of the fit managed to complete the challenging race.

"In today's stressful environment, it is essential for every individual to focus on their health and fitness. As a hospital, we strongly advocate this thought and events such as these certainly put the fun back into fitness. We are proud to have associated with Radio Mirchi for the Ruggedian and look forward to many more such opportunities!"

- Dr. Sudheer Rai
Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi.