In CEO’S words

Dear Friends,

It is with utmost pride that I would like to share with you all that, Dr. Prachee Sathe has done us proud by being conferred the honorary fellowship by The Royal College of Physicians London, and Dr. Manisha Karmarkar has been chosen to be amongst the 25 Iconic Personalities in Healthcare by Medgate. And their laurels sum up the core values of our organisation, one of them being diversity at work. We have always believed that women can flourish at leadership levels, specially in the healthcare industry. Hospitality as a concept is innate in a woman's nature, thus making both Dr. Sathe and Dr. Karmarkar the perfect choices to lead from the front.

When it comes to perfection, we cannot help but talk about the amount of effort that goes into quality care. With another NABH audit, our unrelenting focus remains to aspire for the highest level of service experience and clinical outcomes for the patients and families we serve. This month we also saw the ground breaking ceremony for a brand new linear accelerator at our cancer centre which promises better out comes over fewer treatment sessions. In addition to this, our new mammography machine also made its presence felt. With more people seeking a high level of cancer care close to home, Ruby Hall Clinic is set to embark on a significant expansion of its primary location for cancer services.

We have also seen dual recognition for our IT department under the guidance of Mr. Anand Patil for our EMR solutions as well as Virtual Clinics.

The Centre of Recognition and Excellence has awarded us with the "Digital Innovation in Hospitals" at the Healthcare Awards 2017. Additionally, Mr. Patil was also conferred with the Healthcare Transformation Award 2017 under the Mobile Innovation Category by the prestigious NASSCOM.

As you are aware, with effect from the 1st of April 2017, we have been in talks with public sector mediclaim agencies and not reached any settlement with them purely due to the extremely low rates offered for cashless facilities to hospitals in Pune. We are very grateful to our consultants for their constant support in our endeavour to negotiate the best possible solution for our patients. We shall keep you updated on all developments on this front.

At Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, we will soon be starting a number of speciality departments in the form of an IVF Clinic, Diabetes Centre and Neurology Department offering specialised care for a variety of conditions. In addition to this, we are set to bring a new PET scanner to this hospital within the next month taking a step forward in advanced cancer care. For patients with multiple tumours, this technology could significantly improve the contrast and quantitation of their scans and, therefore, the quality of their care.

This month never-seen-before technology has been utilised for a number of surgical cases, right from green light laser to breast oncoplastic surgery to robotic surgery, we have mastered it all. It is very encouraging that in the first month itself we have done 15 cases of Robotic surgery and 100 cases on the new digital mammography machine. Our commitment, as always, remains to save the lives of our patients.

Our Women leaders make us proud

Dr. Manisha Karmakar leads from the front

As the COO of our very own Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, Dr. Manisha Karmarkar was recently selected to be one of the 25 Iconic Personalities in Healthcare 2017 by Medgate. This recognition comes after the innumerable accomplishments to her credit - the most formidable being the acquirement of Pune's first Green OT certification. She has demonstrated just how powerful it can be when women join forces, making it India's only all-women managed hospital.

She is the woman with a vision who empowers an empire of women to do more, see more and be more. When she took charge of the hospital a little over a year ago, she believed in the mantra "Together Women Can." "I strongly believe women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. I had the opportunity and privilege to set a culture that fosters women to learn, grow and be empowered. We have the most unique way of managing, leading and administrating, which I used to our advantage."

- Dr. Manisha Karmarkar,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie

Dr. Prachee Sathe makes her presence known

Marking her achievement and her skill as a doctor, while recognising her remarkable contribution to the field of critical care medicine, Dr. Prachee Sathe was recently conferred with an honorary fellowship by The Royal College of Physicians, London. This comes in the same year of the silver jubilee of Ruby Hall Clinic's ICU with her at the helm. A veteran, a mentor, a fearless leader, a beacon of hope - she's the reason behind Pune's first Intensive Care Unit.

"It is a great privilege to be recognised by The Royal College of Physicians of London. Working in the field of critical care is both fascinating and challenging, the more we understand it, the better the solutions we could provide to health. The most rewarding part of our work often stems from our ability to not only care for the unwell, but also strive each and every day to better ourselves as doctors and as humanitarians."

- Dr. Prachee Sathe,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

In a first, patient with renal hydatid cyst undergoes robotic surgery

A 37-year-old man was suffering with flank pain for a long time. On being further diagnosed, a sonography and CT scan revealed a large multiloculated cyst almost replacing the right kidney. Some of the major causes of cystic renal masses are simple cysts, hemorrhagic cysts, cysts due to abscess and cystic renal cancer. A hydatid cyst involving the kidney is a very rare condition and is seen in only 0.2 % of renal cysts. The liver is the most common organ harboring these kind of cysts. Preoperatively the renal hydatid cyst was suspected due to the floating membrane in the cyst. The patient became the first in India or probably even the first in the world to undergo a robotic hydatid cyst excision with the help of the Da Vinci Si Robotic System at Ruby Hall Clinic under the care of Dr. Rajendra Shimpi, Head - Urology Division,

Hydatid cyst of the kidney is a very rare condition caused by the larval stage of Echinococcus granulosus. It is endemic in parts of the Middle East, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and stockbreeding regions of North-west China and India. More commonly seen in the liver and lung, this disease forms 1–5% of all hydatid disease in humans across the world.

Explains Dr. Shimpi, "The hydatid disease of the kidney is a rare condition and the surgery was a challenge due to the large size of the cyst and the possible severe anaphylactic shock due to accidental spillage of the cystic fluid and the dissemination of the daughter cysts in the abdominal cavity leading to extensive hydatid disease in the abdominal cavity.

In the Robotic assisted surgery the cystic fluid was aspirated with all precautions to avoid spillage of the contents in the abdominal cavity and then scolicidal fluid was injected in the cyst. Carefully the cyst along with the germinal layer was excised. The actual surgery took 2 hours with the blood loss of less than 100 ml. Due to the magnification and precision which can be achieved with the robotic surgery,a part of the kidney could be saved other wise the patient would have lost the entire kidney. The patient was discharged on the third post operative day and can join his duties in 1-2 days as the surgery is done through small holes in the abdominal wall."

Benchmarking quality care with NABH

The process of accreditation though voluntary, is considered an important benchmark of quality and safety for insurers and patients at Ruby Hall Clinic. While we already have six NABH accreditations to our credit, a seventh one will be underway with the latest audit that was undertaken in the month of August. It was during this occasion that the entire Ruby Hall team came together making it a successful endeavour.

A number of measurable elements related to the care of patients, management of the hospital, training and education of staff and the continuum of care were tracked and optimised. At Ruby Hall Clinic, we are committed to uniformly, comprehensively and effectively deploy the national standards of NABH accreditation across our network. These standards ensure a patient centric approach to quality and safety, with an emphasis on standardised implementation of all patient care processes and safety.

Groundbreaking ceremony for new linac

A bhoomipoojan (grounbreaking ceremony) was recently conducted at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre which will soon make way for our newest weapon to tackle cancer. The TrueBeam ™ system is an advanced radiotherapy systemuniquely integrating advanced imaging and motion management technologies within a sophisticated new architecture. With this technology we open the door to new possibilities for the treatment of lung, breast, prostate, head and neck, as well as other cancers.

"This is a major investment program by Ruby Hall Clinic to remain ahead of the curve in adopting latest technologies in line with the best global practises not just in Pune, but across India. We are excited to finally break ground and are pleased to have a way to continue treating patients while we upgrade to the latest in technological innovation."

- Dr. Ashok Bhanage
Consultant Neurosurgeon,
Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre.

Pristina scores a century within its first month of installation

Pristina, 3D Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis arrived with a big bang at Ruby Hall Clinic’s Department of Radiology. Having screened over a hundred cases within the first month of its installation, this feat alone proves the clinical confidence and calibre of this cutting edge technology in healthcare.

Working together with the clinical team of the breast service arm of our Oncology Department, Radiology and Well Women Clinic at Ruby Hall Clinic, this collaboration with GE healthcare implies that we are now the first installation of Pristina in South Asia.

Providing exceptional mammography care means more than just state-of-the-art technology. It means a positive patient experience that begins with us and our patients. Our team provides the kind of quality and personalised care only Ruby Hall Clinic can offer.

The technology goes beyond the lowest X-ray radiation in the industry and the best image quality coupled with a painless mammography experience due to the ‘Unique Self Compression’ device. The self compression device gives the woman total control of the procedure and reduces her anxiety and discomfort during the procedure.

Pristina offers:

  • Comfort to the woman making her examination comfortable thereby resulting in a better overall breast exam experience
  • A new ergonomic design to reduce physical strain for easier patient positioning during the mammogram, thus making it quicker and safer
  • Clarity for the radiologist and the breast surgeon in terms of superior diagnostic accuracy at the lowest patient radiation dose of all FDA mammography systems the world over

Our team is geared and experienced to provide basic as well as advanced breast care solutions. We are now equipped with Shear as well as Strain Breast Elastography on the high resolution ultrasound unit which further adds value to a diagnosis. We perform ultrasounds and mammography guided wire localisations as well as biopsy interventions. Ours is a one-stop shop with same day results that reduces anxiety and waiting time for our patients.

Our first international clinical publication is on its way to the European Congress of Radiology with our first hundred cases showcasing the clinical efficacy and value of our service. We aim to be the first asian breast radiology service to have the ‘Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammogram’ facility on Pristina which will eliminate the need of an expensive breast MRI exam.

We look forward to your visit to the Pristina Suite!

The Journal of critical care publishes article researched by our doctors

Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is said to be one of the most serious nosocomial infections in the Intensive Care Unit. For over two years, our very able team to doctors - Dr. Prachee Sathe, Dr. Nita Munshi, Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni and Dr. Sagar Maddani studied tertiary care patients while evaluating a new approach with an antibiotic adjuvant entity. Their research paper has been covered in The Journal of Critical Care.

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Winning accolades for technological innovation

Introducing an identity barcode on a patient's wrist band, using hand held computers at the bedside, electronically controlling the temperature of storage units and tracking stock have improved patient safety at Ruby Hall Clinic. The transition to paperless medical records began at our hospital way back in 2012. Along with these changes came a number of benefits - such as the ability to locate records online within seconds, confidentiality of patient information, the ease of tracking data online and the overall improvement of health care delivery.

With mobile technology came the power to educate and empower people while maintaining their good health. Our award-winning RHC mobile application enables people to learn about a host of medical conditions; find a doctor; make an appointment; get directions; and sign up for organ donation at the touch of a button. The app also improves patient and physician interaction; the unique Mobile Ambulance App uses location-based navigation while the cloud-based EMR solution addresses the growing need of immediate access to healthcare information.

This is now followed by Virtual Clinics in the making. Along with Tata Communications, we have created a pioneering platform enabling both doctors and patients to meet virtually. This is facilitated by an integrated ecosystem through the strong integration of cloud and mobility solutions while embracing the power of technology to help improve health outcomes for our patients.

Being a step forward in technology has led us to winning national recognition in the form of two awards. The Centre of Recognition and Excellence has awarded Ruby Hall Clinic with the "Digital Innovation in Hospitals" at the Healthcare Awards 2017.

Additionally, Mr. Anand Patil, General Manager, IT was also recently conferred with the Healthcare Transformation Award 2017 under the Mobile Innovation Category by NASSCOM.

"The combined functionality of patient-flow tracking, coupled with the many alerts and flags, enables doctors to have up-to-date information in real time to enable them to make informed clinical decisions quickly, that not only saves lives but improves the overall experience of patients during their inpatient stay. At Ruby Hall Clinic, the IT department has taken small but significant strides to improve accessibility of health information for both doctors as well as patients. These awards are a testimony to our compassion as a medical institute."

- Mr. Anand Patil
General Manager,

Education for one and all

At Ruby Hall Clinic, we have always been believers in and knowledge. It plays its continuous role in all spheres of life. Under the 'Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan' scheme, nine of our support staff members re-entered the world of education and completed their graduation degrees.

These members were recently felicitated at a ceremony. Along with this, the hospital also felicitated its employees children for their stellar achievements in the HSC and SSC Board Examinations. The Late Dr. K.B. Grant Meritorious Award along with a token of appreciation was presented to a number of well deserving students who stood out amongst the crowd.

"Our employees range from doctors to nurses and all levels of support staff. They all work equally hard to save people's lives every day while balancing their busy schedules to encourage and motivate their children to perform well in their examinations. It is, therefore, as much an achievement for them as it is for their children who score high grades. By felicitating the children, we also salute their parent's grit and hard work. We hope the effort their parents' put in inspires them to achieve greater heights."

- Mr. R.K. Shrivastava
Head, Human Resources,
Ruby Hall Clinic

New Departments see the light of the day

The Department of Neurosciences

Managing neurological issues is enormously complex, for health professionals, social services, care-givers, families, friends and patients alike. This reflects not only the range of conditions that fall under the banner of neurological health, but also the difficulty of diagnosing many of those conditions, of planning and implementing optimal treatment programmes, and of maintaining a stable regime in conditions subject to abrupt change.

At our newly launched Department of Neurosciences under Dr. Nilesh Palasdeokar, we address a full range of neurological excellence, right from short-term to lifelong care. As clinical neuroscience professionals, we identify and treat the many disorders that can affect the nervous system which includes both the central and peripheral nervous systems responsible to relay its signals from and to other parts of the body. In an atmosphere where patients come first, where hope and compassion combine with powerful medicine to create life-changing care, our experts aim to help people live the happiest and most fulfilling lives they can.

IVF and endoscopy unit

When a couple hasn't been able to have the child they've always wanted, even after seeking help, it can be emotionally trying. If your goal is to start a family, then our life's mission is to make it happen.

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie's IVF and Endoscopy Centre has sealed its position as a true expert in the arena of fertility under the leadership of internationally ac claimed Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar. The centre truly understands hardship parents go through, and is here to provide them with the comprehensive, compassionate care they need to finally have the family of their dreams.

At Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, patients from all over the world have realised their dreams of parenthood. Since its inception, the centre has stood for excellence in patient care, and unwavering commitment to resolving infertility by providing advanced IVF laboratory services, setting benchmarks at par with international counterparts. Our pregnancy and live birth rates for IVF and other treatments make us one of the most successful fertility clinics in the country for all age groups and diagnoses.

The Dr. K B Grant Institute of Diabetes

Have you ever looked for a place that could provide you head-to-toe diabetes care under one roof? Right from diagnosis to treatment to even dietary precautions, we have it all covered in just under 4 hours under the expert guidance of renowned diabetologist, Dr. Abhay Mutha. At the Dr. K B Grant Institute of Diabetes, our goal is to empower people living with diabetes, through education and support, to take an active role in their own health and well-being. We will soon be organising a mega event to announce the official launch of this department.

We understand that knowledge is essential when it comes to diabetes management, and that in many cases, success is directly affected by the amount of support a person living with diabetes receives. On the whole, the Dr. K.B. Grant Institute of Diabetes aims at managing and preventing diabetes and all related complications of the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, feet, etc. With an ambience of comfort and safety, you're bound to receive personalised care every step of the way. An approach that's effective, affordable, accessible and simple, be assured that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

Strengthening our commitment to cancer care

With a pledge to fight cancer - fast and focussed, our commitment to cancer diagnosis and treatment continues with the acquisition of the revolutionary GE Discovery STE PET/CT scanner. PET, is the acknowledged gold standard for medical, surgical and radiation oncology. It enables physicians to diagnose cancer early, treat it with extraordinary precision and monitor treatment efficacy quickly and accurately.

Compared to stand-alone PET, correcting for attenuation can be done much faster with the Discovery STE PET/CT scanner, which has a built-in 16-slice CT that creates a map of the patient attenuation. In addition, this brings more precision to lesion localisation because of the combination of the metabolic PET image with an anatomic image from the CT. The PET services support the medically sophisticated cancer care here at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie and serve as a resource to doctors throughout the region.

"Our aim is to provide the best possible patient care utilising the most recent technology, which is why we made this significant investment. We no longer have to make assumptions about what is cancer and what is not. We know for sure and we know early on. We do not have to estimate placement. We can pinpoint it with absolute certainty. This specificity and accuracy lets us define a targeted treatment plan with a very high level of confidence about its potential effectiveness,"

- Dr. Manisha Karmarkar,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

Changing the face of surgical care

Green light laser for prostate patients now a reality

GreenLight Laser PVP is a recent addition to the minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of BPH available at Ruby Hall Clinic. The procedure uses the technology of high-powered laser light combined with fibre optics to vaporise the overgrowth of prostate cells quickly and accurately.

As the surgeon directs the laser at the prostate, the intense pulses of light emitted from the fibre are absorbed by the blood. Within moments, the temperature of the blood becomes so great it causes the nearby cells to vaporise. While this technique has been introduced in the city for the first time, a 67-year-old patient successfully underwent this procedure last month.

"While PVP GreenLight Laser still requires a short period of hospitalisation and a light anaesthetic, recovery is quicker in the short term with lesser blood loss and minimal invasion. Moreover, most men are suitable candidates for this new technique, and it is especially advantageous for patients who are on blood thinning medications or those who are taking anti-coagulation drugs."

- Dr. Himesh Gandhi
Consultant Urologist,
Ruby Hall Clinic.

Breast cancer patients now have a new cosmetic option

When it comes to breast cancer surgeries, most people know two options. There's the mastectomy, for someone who needs the breast removed and have the option of re-constructive surgery at a later time. Or there's a lumpectomy, for someone who needs just a portion of the breast removed while the rest stays intact. Now, there's a third option - advanced breast oncoplastic surgery - which is slowly but surely changing this reality and Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is only one of the few hospitals in the country offering patients this life-changing option.

A marriage between cancer surgery and re-constructive surgery, breast oncoplastic surgery uses an aesthetic approach by removing the cancer while also preserving and rebuilding the breast to maintain its natural look and feel. Hailed as the Father of Breast Oncoplastic Surgery in India,Dr. C.B. Koppiker has performed over four hundred such surgeries at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie itself. Besides the obvious psychological benefit it brings for women opting for the surgery, it is surprisingly cost effective too. "A standard in most European countries, with the oncoplastic approach, everything is done at the same time. We first remove the tumour, and then reconstruct the breasts through plastic surgery. Being trained as an oncological surgeon and further as a breast re-constructive specialist, it not only helps cut down on the need for future procedures but also spares the patient the cost of added cosmetic surgery specialists.

Medical camps come to the rescue

As part of our Mega Health Check-up Camps organised across the city of Pune, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie undertook a community initiative helping thousands of Puneites taking charge of their health. A number of general tests ranging from RBS (Random Blood Sugar) to even BMD (Bone Marrow Density), these camps also saw the presence of our specialists doctors such as spine specialists and diabetologists. These tests were conducted free of cost helping people manage their health better.

The head of our Critical Care Unit, Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni and her team also visited a number of corporates training them for emergencies. Employees of IBM Hinjawadi and IBM Hadapsar benefitted from this cause.

"There are many dangers that lurk in the world around us; fortunately, basic knowledge, common sense, and not panicking can ensure you come out on top of most emergency situations. At Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, we believe it's always better to be prepared in an emergency than to hope one will never arise."

- Dr. Manisha Karmarkar,
Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie

Giving you a shot at life with CPR camps

Did you know that more than 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur while the patient is at home? This means that you are more likely to use your CPR skills to help someone close to you than assisting a stranger. We cannot control everything that happens to our loved ones, but we can do everything possible to be ready to help in case an emergency occurs.

Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi recently organised a CPR camp at Radio Mirchi to teach their employees how to save lives during emergencies like cardiac arrests, stroke, heart attack, unconsciousness, and seizures.

"It goes without saying that as humans we all are fragile and susceptible to injuries, trauma and illness. Despite the fact that we have come to realise how fragile we are and have also learnt how to take care of ourselves and others around us, emergencies might crop up anytime. No matter what you do or where you are located, we believe anyone over the age of 14 can benefit from learning CPR. You never know when it could mean the difference between life and death. Emergencies happen every day, everywhere."

- Dr. Sudheer Rai
Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi.